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Modern Living Room

Exceptional stays 
just a venture away

About Us

At Medium Venture Properties, we understand the challenges when venturing away from home, so we provide luxurious and exceptional modern stays for travelers to ensure it feels like you never left.

Our fully furnished properties provide accommodations to meet the needs of our travelers from staying for a corporate work trip to a family vacation. 


We strive to simplify the little things to ensure you don’t have to. 

Your next adventure awaits

Enjoy the comforts of your own home in ours by experiencing our hand selected properties, essentials, and amenities.


Contemporary Kitchens


Quality Essentials

Modern Living Room

Bespoke Fursnishings

Hear from our clients

"As a freelancer, I enjoy traveling and working remotely. During one of my trips to the bay area, I had a bit of a hiccup with my initial booking and needed to find a last minute stay. Luckily, I was able to book a stay at one of MVP's properties which ended up being so enjoyable, I wish I had just booked it initially from the start! Highly recommended if there's availability!"

- Douglas J

"I recently had a long term tenant that moved out and was searching and screening new tenants for months. Tim reached out interested in my home and told me about the services his company provides. It's easy to say that Tim has really lived up to his promises and goes above and beyond and most importantly, ensure our property is cared for as if it was his own." 

- Kingston K

“Tim and his team have done a great job managing my vacation home and keeping it in great shape. It's been quite delightful not having to worry about landlord responsibilities as they have truly made it a seamless process providing end to end service without needing me involved."

- Regina M

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